About Us

About Us

“Ora Bijoux offers stylish & sophisticated accessories for both females and males. We believe that accessorizing enhances elegance, completes an outfit, and helps you stand out by showing off your personality. Whether you are looking to level up your every day casual wear or create a unique look for your dinner party, date night or wedding season, we have the perfect accessories for every occasion for you to shine through!”

Our Story

15 years in the industry

Ora bijoux stems from 15 years of experience in wholesale of fashion accessories. Being a family business specialised in high quality fashion jewellery, we have unparalleled understanding of market trends and customer needs.

Our History

Following our long history of success in the wholesale market we have decided to bring our products to the consumers through our online shopping platform, so everyone can enjoy the latest in international trends at affordable prices.

Our reputation was pivotal in our success.
Customer satisfaction being our priority, we only use first grade materials and finishes that will last a long time.